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Who We Are

sunchild marketing was established over 35 years ago as business consultant company, helping new and established businesses with advise and sourcing their needs to operate successfully.

slowly the company got into supplier representation for products; sunchild marketing obtained great experience in various fields.

currently we are sourcing products from the most ergonomic and environmentally friendly products and equipment available for the sanatation, office, supplies industry (industrial, safety, etc). for that reason we are associated with two other great companies in the field and service industry.

our ergonomic products help professionals to perform their tasks effective and with less effort at a faster more efficient pace, with less effort. increasing productivity and lowering costs in many ways, our time and motion studies show the results.

if there is something you are looking for contact us, tell us what it is if it’s an already existing product we can also find comparable products. or give us an idea and we can source it for you if it is available in the industry.

we can give you what you need when you need it at a reasonable price.


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